Gain Experience with Quantum Signal AI

At Quantum Signal AI, we expect a lot from our interns. You will work on actual projects alongside experienced engineers, apply the programming skills and theories you learned in school to challenging real-world problems, and have a meaningful impact. As a proud subsidiary of Ford Autonomous Vehicles, we are building the future of mobility and you can take part!

Internship Opportunities

We are no longer accepting applications for 2022. Please check back later for 2023 opportunities!

Learn the Process of Engineering

Work alongside us

Our interns contribute as regular members of the team and are tasked with the same challenging work as their full-time teammates. You will participate in planning meetings, hands-on development, and code reviews. Your output becomes a part of the final product. But don’t worry, we won’t leave you on your own through all of this — you’ll be paired with a senior member of the team who will offer support, review your work, and provide meaningful feedback throughout.

What will you learn?

Go beyond classroom theory and move into practical applications. See how the entire process and team works together to build meaningful results. Learn how to approach challenging problems and understand the flow of working on a cutting-edge project. Take two steps forward and one step back — we’ve all been there! Learn how much you don’t know about what you don’t know, then learn some more.

All work and no play?

We work in a historic high school, which means space for unconventional office activities. On any given day, our gymnasium can host robotics testing, volleyball, yoga, ping pong, or a company party. The school is a great backdrop for continuous learning and innovation.

Open your career possibilities

Stand out from the crowd with real-world experience on autonomous vehicles and real-time simulation projects. Work hard and impress your teammates to grow your professional network. Show what you’re capable of and build yourself a brighter future!


“A lot of times, I forget I’m an intern. I work full time and I’m here every day. Everyone here is like the ‘smart kid’ in class and is excited about learning something new.”
Internship engineering positions with Quantum Signal AI


“We have a lot of autonomy here. I help make decisions about the product’s architecture and my code lives in the production version of our simulation software. If you’re interested in robotics, come here, you’ll learn a lot!”

Internships with Quantum Signal AI

While we anticipate all interview activities will be held virtually, we remain hopeful that we might be back in the office for the summer. If not, we will explore remote options.

Our internships typically begin in May/June and run through August.

Our office hours are flexible, but most of your team will be here from 8am to 5pm. We’ll work with you to accommodate scheduling for classes and expect that your on-site time will generally coincide with our office hours. After all, we want to give you as much hands-on time as possible with your engineering team and necessary equipment!

Yes! We appreciate the ideas and input that our interns bring and offer competitive compensation.

Respectfully comfortable! We’ll step it up to “Business Casual” for important meetings, but, for the most part, we’re a jeans and t-shirts kind of place. Creative cat t-shirts are a plus!

We use whatever is best for any particular project. You might find yourself learning multiple languages and how they interact throughout the course of your time here. If that makes your fingertips yearn for a keyboard, you’re at the right place!

Yes! You will work closely with QSAI engineers and gain first-hand experience on real projects. We aim to use your contributions in our final products and will offer support to help you strengthen your engineering skillset.

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